Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pics from Crafty Days #5-2011

What I got from Crafty Days... experience, new friends and mentors, sight of creative things, and alot of fun!

My stuff: framed illustration and notebooks. Look at the ducky, cute bookmark by capung mungil!

Neighbour: Asri http://ked-indonesia.blogspot.com/ and Ririn.

New friends, the talented crafters! Angel(Paperpleased), Mei(Oma Anna), Siesca(Anything Sunday), Asri (k.e.d), me, Ririn.

Another neighbour: Very inspiring Oma Anna fruit jam and leather journal!

My desk together with my partner, Mbak Dini with her Capung mungil http://capungmungil.multiply.com/

Meli and Evelyn. Foreground is cute cushion by Maelady! Evelyn comes from Jakarta to enjoy the bazaar.

And one of my favourite part of crafty days... people are pleased to trade art with you! These crafters below is very generous to trade their things with mine!
Fortune Cookies by http://sheiladtote.multiply.com/. I am longing to have this bag for my own! She trade this lovely bag with my small "Komik" notebook and "Hello Earth" cards, also one "Motherhood" card. Thank u, Sheila!

Passport case by Angel from http://paperpleased.blogspot.com/. I'm adore the color and soft pattern of Paperpleased. Angel choose a big notebook from me :)

The Big lazy pouffy Owl from http://idekuhandmade.blogspot.com/! Thank u Puri for letting me choose the big one!Puri choose my big notebook "fantasy world" and small notebook "Hello Earth". I also meet Oline and Kicky from Ideku Handmade. This one is for my niece who will be a birthday girl on may 20th. pssst, don't tell her now!

So that's it =D lovely weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blah blah on Tuesday

Distracting makes you spend alot of hours doing unecessary things. This morning I planed to go to Borma Dakota, doing site visit for a client. But then Sam has an internal meeting have to start cos his partners is already arrived. So I have to think how to get information I need without going there, and fortunately this morning 'alam semesta' mendukung..hahahaa... I only call one number, talking to two people, and I got what I need.

And then I go to the living room to making photos of my notebook and cards stuff. After three shots, rarrrgh.. battery is emptyyyy! And it's already 3 hours, the charger haven't stopped yet. And I'm ended up sitting in front of the computer, browsing things that really interesting at first, but then makin' me realize that haven't done any of my task that I have to today(except calling people at Borma :p).

*siiighhh* But then I read an article suggest by my sister, a very interesting and a great one: http://angelinaveni.com/2010/12/12/merefleksikan-pendidikan/
Angelina told us her perspective about education in Indonesia compared with US standard, after taking one semester at Stanford University. It's about consciousness in diversity,individuality and personality, enterpreneurship and critical thinking.

By the way my friend has an interesting opinion about getting children into a school that has new and progressive way of teaching in here, Indonesia. She says: "Make sure that the school has a wide level, from elementary to senior high. It would be a pitty for the child if he have to stop in some level and then going to an 'ordinary' school. If his surroundings do not understand him, he might ended become confused".

Blah. let's have the education start at home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Stuff for Crafty Days!

You will recognized my illustrations I submit before on these things I've made for the bazaar =D
Semua yang di bandung, jakarta dan sekitarnya, mari datang ke Crafty Days! 14-15 Mei 2011 di TOBUCIL, Jl. Aceh, No.56!

BAZAAR HANDMADE 14-15 Mei 2011 Pk. 09.00 - 18.00 WIB
Informasi lebih lanjut:
Tobucil & Klabs Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung Telp/Fax 022 4261548
www.tobucil.blogspot.com www.tobucilhandmade.blogspot.com
twitter: tobucil fb. www.facebook.com/tobucil

Bagus Bagus
Pyur handmade
Oma Anna
Zpiderdzigh by Zuperdzigh
Sheila D
Audelia Agustine
Anything Sunday
Nest of Ojanto
Tipi Knitting Yarn
Tobucil Handmade:
By Hand Kinkin
The Mogus World
Needle Noodle
ARC Pernik


Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011
Pk. 10.00 -12.00 WIB Workshop Merajut/knitting bersama klab merajut (Gratis)
Pk. 13.00 - 14.00 WIB Workshop Yubiami bersama The Men Who Knit (Gratis)
Pk. 13.00 - 14.30 WIB Workshop Boneka Pom Pom bersama The Mogus (Gratis)

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011
Pk. 10.00 -12.00 WIB Membuat Boneka Bantal bersama Idekuhandmade (Tempat terbatas & GRATIS)
Pk. 10.00 -12.00 WIB Workshop Scrap Book. Biaya alat dan bahan Rp. 10.000/peserta bersama Klab Scrap Book
Pk. 13.00 -15.00 WIB Workshop Merenda/Crochet bersama klab merenda (GRATIS)

CRAFTYPRENEUR FORUM, Sabtu 14 Mei 2011, Pk. 15.00 -17.00 WIB
Obrolan santai Berbagi pengalaman memulai usaha handmade.
Bersama: Martha Puri (idekuhandmade, Jakarta), Ojan & Putri (Nest of Ojanto, Yogjakarta), Ika Vantiani (Vantiani, Jakarta) dan Tarlen Handayani (Vitarlenology & Pendiri Tobucil & Klabs, Bandung).

MUSIK SORE, Minggu 15 Mei 2011, Pk. 15.30 - 17.30 WIB
Klab Klassik
Yustinus Ardhitya
Grace and Tesla
Ammy Alternative Strings